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Help With Prop Animation

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i made this half bodied zombie last night out of a old mannequin i think he looks pretty cool anyways i was trying to think of a way to maybe make his arm stubs or something move i thought about windshield wiper motors but idk thanks (see Picture)
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Looking good. Not sure about the stumps but you might be able to mount him to one of those massagers and have him move at the waist.
yeah or if i could find a way to move him left and right at the waist or maybe cut his head off and then rig it to move or something just as long as its cheap i have thousands of $ worth of halloween props from last year but i like to make my own i bought all mine last year i am gunna try to sell those and make my own this one was my first attempt
Here is the linkage from a prop I have been working on, it is a vampire that raises his arms.

YouTube - Arm Motor

It uses a heating/ac blend motor from a car:


These motors are surprisingly strong for their size!

You could modify the linkage to make the arms move sideways or keep the up/down movement.
i like how cheap the motor is now how do you run that for power off a car battery or use 112 house power and does it start turning whith a swith or when it gets power on it and what did ya think of my 1st prop ?
That motor is at most surplus type sites:

5 RPM GEAR MOTOR, 12VDC | AllElectronics.com

American Science & Surplus : Motors, Blowers and Pumps

and others.

The motor is out of a car, so it requires 12 volts direct current. I used a 12VDC 500ma wall wart to power it and it worked just fine.
I use those same motors in lots of props. They aren't rated for continuous duty but I haven't had one fail yet.
I have a switch on my prop that turns the motor off after 1 revolution, then a motion sensor, picaxe and a relay cause the limit switch to be bypassed. That way the motor is not running continuously.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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