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Help with Pirate Sails and Lighting

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could give some advice for the makeshift pirate sails I'm putting together. They look good for now. I've used 4 Yards of white fabric and used some cheap 3'' across wood and cut them to length, two across and one down for the "pole" I'm having trouble however, coming up with some sort of base so they will be free standing. Has anyone else tried this with some sucess? Also, they are going to be situated on top of a camper in the dark, I thought about purchasing a spotlight, but I think the white ligt would ruin the "halloween effect". I thought about green, but can't seem to find anything. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!!

(with the picture attached, imagine the sail on the front side.)
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I have had success with rope and tent stakes holding up the masts. If that is not an option, you might try 2ea 2x4's in a "+" shape. You'll need to secure the mast to the center of it, and run support lines to the mast from the ends of the 2x4's. As for the lighting, most hardward store sell 100W Flood lights in red, blue, green, yellow. Minions Web sells LED spot lights with a standard medium edison base.
I may try the rope first, I couldn't use the stakes, but I could use the sides of the camper. That would look more authenic anyways! Thank you very very much!
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