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Help with peek a boo penny

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I never got this working for Halloween, and I got it off eBay months ago so I can't return it. Penny's motion sensor works fine, detects the motion and sings and screams but the head doesn't pop up. I can hear the motor doing something but the head just sits there. Anybody ever have this issue and been able to fix it?
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Is the head stuck? What does the motor sound like?
Check and see if maybe there is a small pulley that is missing its little "O-ring" belt.

Most animatronic props today have at least one of those. I've even used small rubber bands as temporary replacements.
Did you ever get her working? I have the same issue but I have been trying to find the wiring diagram for her head. One wire is hanging down but no one can figure out where it goes. Does anyone happen to have a picture or diagram of the wiring? Thank you.
No I shelved it. I might get it back out soon and look
Hey Mikey23, I may have found a solution for you. I got ahold of the company who makes her and went through technical support on the phone with them, there is a small silverish pin holding her head near the shoulder, I was told to pull it with a plier till it pops or clicks, just don't pull it all the way out like I did. This is supposed to release her head.
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I'll take a look. Thanks
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Uhhhh don't know if this is fixable.........
You may need to take the head off and if you do you'll break the prop forever
Does anyone have a picture or diagram that they will share for the black E wire on peek-a-boo penny? One end of the black wire on my prop is hanging down but it has solder on it as if it was attached somewhere.
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