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I have a freshly carved cemetery sign made from styrofoam (left over from our tombstones), and had the idea of carving/painting it to look like wood with an old, peeling layer of paint.

In my mind, I've gone through a procedure that I think might do the trick: First, prepaint the major parts of the sign that will be the "wood". Next, tape off in between the "wood" and "paint" sections, and then apply several layers of latex paint (overlapping the tape slightly). With enough layers built up, carefully peel the tape back, leaving a lifted edge of paint that can be cut, cracked, and picked at to look time-worn. Then, a final speckle/teastain layer to add grimy age to the paint and wood. And maybe some moss, cobwebs, rusty screws, and a raven for an added touch!

For anyone who has more experience with painting/propmaking, let me have some of your wise input!

I really appreciate it! :D
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