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Help with my Haunted Garage

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Hello all,

Firstly, i'm new on this forum, so hi!

Secondly, can someone give me ideas/help. I am having a Halloween Party on Halloween (obviously) and on my property is a garage, this is NOT connected to the house, a really old, heap of a garage. It is due to be demolished on 4th November to make room in the garden, so i need to empty it before this date which means on Halloween i'll have an empty building to play about with.

My prediciment, i need reasons for people to go into the garage for a spookfest and i also need ridiculously cheap if not free ways to spice it up in there, ie, props, scarey things. Sadly i don't have the man power for actors to hide in the garage so it will be solely to walk around and get freaked.

The only idea so far i have is, i will be placing some fake severed limbs on a work bench with my saw and plenty of fake blood, also the wet yarn trick hanging from the ceiling (does this really work).

It might also be worth noting that this is my first attempt of a halloween party and their will only be about 20 ish people attending plus some children (i can and probably will keep the children out of the garage though).

Thanks guys,

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maybe a bbq - add some red Christmas lights to a bbq and then roast legs and arms.

Maybe a shelf full of jars with body parts and other creepy things like spiders, mice, snakes etc. If you take a couple of sponges out of yellow highlighter pens and stick them into jars of water the water will glow under a black light.

How about a couple of dead and bloody bodies (scrap styrofoam and rolled up newspapers) in plastic (large garbage bags or sheets of painters drop clothes) and wrapped with duct tape and hung from the ceiling.
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