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Help with my Haunted Garage

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Hello all,

Firstly, i'm new on this forum, so hi!

Secondly, can someone give me ideas/help. I am having a Halloween Party on Halloween (obviously) and on my property is a garage, this is NOT connected to the house, a really old, heap of a garage. It is due to be demolished on 4th November to make room in the garden, so i need to empty it before this date which means on Halloween i'll have an empty building to play about with.

My prediciment, i need reasons for people to go into the garage for a spookfest and i also need ridiculously cheap if not free ways to spice it up in there, ie, props, scarey things. Sadly i don't have the man power for actors to hide in the garage so it will be solely to walk around and get freaked.

The only idea so far i have is, i will be placing some fake severed limbs on a work bench with my saw and plenty of fake blood, also the wet yarn trick hanging from the ceiling (does this really work).

It might also be worth noting that this is my first attempt of a halloween party and their will only be about 20 ish people attending plus some children (i can and probably will keep the children out of the garage though).

Thanks guys,

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Since the garage will be demolished it won't matter what you do to it. To keep it cheap I would take and nail boards across the doors and make it look off limits. Then a collection of flashing red, blue or green lights and a boom box playing weird noises or screams set up inside. Maybe whispering voices for the sound. I picture an old garage with the walls made up of vertical boards where you could see light coming thru the cracks. If that's not the case you could cut holes or slits in the walls to let light thru. Make up a story of a gruesome murder that happened there and have that as the excuse for tearing it down. Tell the story and only agree to show people reluctantly and have the lights and sound ready or looped. You could take an ax and chop up the door before you board it up. Maybe cut a hole in the back wall for access. If there are any windows, break them and board them up. Think gruesome murder crime scene and then do what you have to do...
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