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Welcome englishhaunter from a fellow UK haunter! It's nice to see more of us from the UK joining. It's a great forum with loads of really talented people, and I have had some great ideas and help given. Your foot problem...I had a similar thing when I was doing Haunted Hospital a few years ago, and I just got five pairs of those legs you can get in the pound shop and I covered them in a simple flour and water mix to give a bit of texture, let them dry and then sponged on a kind of white, grey, yellow colour and and abit of blood here and there depending on how old you want them to look went over the lines on the hand with a fine marker pen, then put a luggage tag on the toe. I actually used the same method with a couple of hands hanging over also. I used an old black shelving unit that we had, five tier, painted it an old silver colour, and I had one body laid on each shelf, just put pillows under in different shapes and old dirty sheet over each of them. It actually looked really good with the feet and an odd arm hanging over also. I've put a picture of the hand before painting, and a picture of the type of effect afterwards, it would give you an idea of how they could look. I will try and find the pictures from the party, it was few years ago but I will have them somewhere.

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Love the paint method on the hand, it looks awesome!
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