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depending on how crafty you are you can use paraffin wax to mold your actual feet, then cast them in either latex and foam (both easily available from online stores). I used this method to make hands for me werewolf prop and it worked out well. the only issue is getting it OFF your hand / foot. The ankle will be the issue, but I have ruminated about tying a piece of dental floss to a finger (in your case toe) and using it to create a relief cut to get my hand out.

other then that, take a look at TERRA's you tube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7mMHOFOggo. she takes some rather generic looking props and dresses them up to make them look a bit better.

The quality on this foot:

looks decent, but at $10 US it seems a bit steep.

Making your own may be your best bet. I just alternate warmed (not blazing hot) paraffin and cold water to build up a decently thick layer on my hand. Once I think the layer is thick enough I will leave the wax in the cold water for a bit to set it. Then wiggle my fingers slightly to break them free and slide my hand out.

The dental floss as I mentioned before may be a decent option for casting up further than the heel...just run it up the top of your foot, cast it as I mentioned before, and then pull the dental floss to cut the wax along the top to allow for your foot to come out. Tape (or wax) the cut shut after reforming the wax and then you have a mold for a foot. Not sure if you can make multiple castings from this as I have only ever made one from each wax cast.

Sorry if this provided more confusion than help, sometimes I ramble on a bit. Another resource you could check out is "stiltbeast studios" on youtube. Alan has GREAT tutorials on all kinds of props and as a picture is worth 1000 words, his videos would then be immeasurably more valuable than my ramblings.

good luck with your project and keep us up to date with your progress!!

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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