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HElp! with Halloween Yard decorations

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Hello All,

I'm a new on this forum. For the last 4 years we have been decorating our yard for Halloween. We get about 2000 kids on our block for trick or treat. We have several houses that participate in decorations. So we're quite popular in the area.

My family is not very mechanically incline so we usually purchase props from places like Spirit of Halloween and other stores like that. Last year my neighbor built a Davy Joan ship on his front yard with a haunted underwater maze. It was just so cool. He told me that he built everything himself.

Truth is, I need some help from people in this forum. I would like to know how to build a easy waterproff brick or stone looking wall and basically any Halloween ideas you can throw at me. If you have suggestions as where to by these type of walls. Can you please provide websites or phone numbers.

We would like to change our theme this year. More of a huanted Castle type theme....

Thx for taking your time to read through my thread. We enjoy celebrating seasons and Halloween is one of our favorites.