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Have worked on 2 games for this Sat., but never thought of what to call them.

Our theme is 'Celebrating the Famous & Infamous' ....Dress as someone who has died.

One game is - I made 13 headstones with the Birth year and Death year of a famous person with a phrase they are 'known' for and you place the number of the headstone under a answer sheet that has a picture of the person.

The second game is pairs play against another pair to guess the name of the famous dead person, they have one minute and can only pass once on one name they have drawn.

Worked hard on the games, but never thought about what to call them until tonight. Kept calling the first game, headstone game or tombstone game ( now know the difference between the two )

For the first game looking at something like Cemetery Tour No ideas on the second game.

Looking for a clever name. One year we had different props of Witches on the trail and had to guess the well know Witch. Game was called Which Witch is Which.

Love that I can turn to this site for help!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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