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Help with fog screen or fog box for projecting

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My theme this year is Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party. I was planning a cheshire cat projection onto fog just above my tea table, but I have never tried a fog screen; box full of directed fans to make the fog in thin streams so it looks like a sheet.

I do not think, because of wind issues, that an open fog screen will work for this.

My alternate idea was to make a fog box. Same thing, fan directed fog screen, except contained in a box. I have a very large; 2 feet by 3.5 feet by 5 inches; old window with the frame. If I cannot work out the above the table fog screen, I want to make a through the looking glass window fog box and project alice walking through/ trapped inside.

Has anyone done a successful fog screen outdoors? How did you deal with wind issues?
Has anyone made a small fog box? Does it need to be vented? Should I chill the fog and have it come from the top or regular and come from the bottom?

Thanks everyone!