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Help with FCG

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I am putting up my FCG this year, had it last year, but my motor burnt up last year on opening night and had to just let her hang.

I've wired her up with fishing line and did a few test turns with it. I'm not real happy with it. The motion is good, but when she drops her head to the full bottom position, she pretty much lays over and back. The arm motion is good.

The only thing I see is maybe pulling out the hanger and sticking it through the back of her head a little farther back, but that would be tearing the whole frame down.

ANyone have any similar experiences like this?
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Mine took some adjusting to get it how I wanted it.Sometimes moving the arm brackets back a little will help.
I think mine did something similar I just shortend the line on the head a few inches. I am having issues with my motor being underpowered might have the same issue as you with it dieing eventually.
is the head secure to the hanger going through the head or is it flopping and spinning around on it..............is the cheese cloth getting hung up on something,maybe one of the arms to the head making it pull the head down and over.....................a video would help ........these are some of the problems I had ..............
I'll post a vidoe tonight when I get home
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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