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I recently purchased some chromadepth 3D glasses from a school supply website and the don't work very well. Anyone got any advice on where to find good and relatively cheap glasses. Also, has anyone done a 3D blacklight room? I am looking for ideas that will look creepy but not cheesy.

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Not sure about the glasses, but as far as a blacklight room (that would work with the glasses) what about a dot room or mask room?

Dot room/mask rooms are basically where the ONLY light source is black light - and the walls are covered in black fabric or plastic. Spaced out on the surface are dots in florescent colors - this can be done with white masks that glow in black light.

You have a person in there dressed head to toe in black, maybe a few dots even on them so they blend into the walls... and you've got a major scare for anyone that ventures through.

I would think that the way the glasses are supposed to work, that the florescent painted items will look like they are either floating or moving towards the wearer. There is a haunted house in my area that does "3D clown phobia" that uses the basic glasses - and everything in there is painted with florescent paint and lit with blacklight... it's AWESOME. ;)
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