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Help with cable

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Hello - I was hoping someone could help identifying some bulk black cable that I have laying around. I would like to add a 3 prong plug to it and use it as a extension cord, but am clueless on what is printed on the outside cover.

Here is what is printed:
ul c(ul) SJOOW 3/C 18AWG(0.824mm2) 105C VW-1 300v E215210 100281-001

I assume it means 18amps and 300volts but wanted to get some advice from someone that knows what they are doing before I catch something on fire. I would say that it is about 12'-15' long.

Thanks in advance.

Material property Font Electric blue Wire
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And has a Black, Green & White wires. thanks
Which stands for 3 conductors (wire), 18 gauge (awg), rated to 300 Volts. I'm not familiar with rest of the code. But 18 awg won't carry much load. The cheap extension cords are normally 16 awg and the heavy duty ones are 12 awg.

So It really depends on what you are trying to power and also how far away from the outlet it is. So we need some more information to be able to accurately and safely say yes or no to the idea.
Thanks Reelsore.

A few years back I picked up a homemade prop that consist of a small black wooden box with a couple small 4" car speakers on the sides, (I know car audio usually is a 12v set-up), and then this cable coming from inside the box.

In order for me to get inside to look, I would need to basically tear the thing up, and wanted to avoid trashing it. So after googling what was printed on the cover, I didn't have any luck find out more about this bulk cable.

So what puzzles me is that I figured to run two small car speakers, it probably would need to be hooked up to a small lawnmower battery, but after seeing the 3 wires, it looks like the wires that are found inside any regular extension cord.

My gut told me that if I added a 3 prong plug and plugged it it, I probably would either electrocute myself or at least get the famous poof of blue smoke.

Does that help out?

Thanks again,
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So you have a box with speakers and this cord coming out of it? I don't think it's safe to assume that the cord needs 120v.
SJOOW = Junior severe service (300v maximum), oil resistant outer jacket, oil resistant interior insulation, weather and water resistant.
VW-1 = Passes the VW-1 flammability test

SJOOW 18/3 is three-conductor stranded wire that will take a maximum current of 10A. It works just fine for control wire, portable tools, or small motors, but I'd put a fuse on the hot end of the line so spike doesn't fry whatever you have down the line.
Yea J-Man, that is what I was thinking. I might try to break the box open, not destroying it. Just never saw anyone use this gauge of wire to power speakers. Thanks
Thanks for the breakdown and fuse idea Kensington. The fuse is an excellent idea! Have you ever seen a set-up using this kind of wire to power speakers?
I've used all sorts of wire for speaker wire for Halloween.
Speaker wire is 18AWG also the same size as lamp cords and SPT-1 wire we use for Christmas displays and of course Halloween.
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