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Help with attaching spiders/ webs on vinyl siding

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I wanted to put a ton of webbing and giant spiders on our house. It's vinyl siding. What do you guys use to attach props to siding? Thanks!
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First thought that comes to mind is the 3M Command strip hooks. They make clear ones. Might want to give those a try? :rolleyes:
I used Gorilla tape and will use goop off to help get the tape off. Well see how it works in a couple of weeks when I take them down. You can see pictures of the webs in this thread.

Thanks for the help all. I thought of 3M strips but it says not for use on vinyl. I was thinking when it got cold they wouldn't hold. I'm attaching the spiders on the side of the house. I did find vinyl hooks, so i'm going to order some and see how they turn out! :)
I used packing tape to hold cardboard cutouts to my windows so maybe that would work. Been over a week now and still holding great.
When I hang things from our siding I take advantage of the trim to tuck anchors behind or under to support my props. I wouldn't try to support too much weight this way , but I've done it with bats, spiders, freaky fabric hanging moss, rats, and christmas lights. You can tie fishing line to small finishing nails, then wedge the nails under the upper trim to support spiders and make anchor points for webbing. rat tails can be slightly tucked under window trim to pin them to the ledge. Just be careful not to force anything and damage your trim or siding.
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