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Help with a party name

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Hi all! We are having a gothic themed party this year, just basic black and red goth-y decor, black lace, purple lights, black candles and candelabras etc., an overall dark theme. We are pretty goth at heart, so it'll be a fun party for us to plan. I am having trouble with coming up with a clever name though. I'd like to call it a Black Celebration after my favorite Depeche Mode song but I am afraid our friends who aren't into the same music we are or aren't in with the goth stuff will think it is a black mass or something! Nothing against Satanism and black masses, but that's not what we're going for. Any help would be great! Here are some keywords I've brainstormed but still haven't come up with a good name.

carpe noctem (seize the night)
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