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Hey guys! I'm new to the forum. I need some advice and this seemed to be a really good place to get it. I'm currently working on a Peter Pan theme for this Halloween. My sister and I are Captain Hook and Peter Pan respectively. We go camping every year, and usually win the costume contest but lose at decorating the camper. I have made it my goal to win this year! :) :p I will lay out my "plan" and would greatly appreciate any input or suggestions!

We are planning on mounting two "sails" on top of the camper, just white sheets. One will have a cut out of peter pan, we are also mounting a skull and cross bones flag. There are two trees where we are camping; one will be the home of the "Lost Boys" which we plan on stringing yellow and green LED string lights through the entire tree, and cutting out some plywood circles painting them black and mounting them on the trees for holes. We were also considering making a flip top trash can the "entrance" (we need help figuring how, just brown paint?) The other tree will be our Teepee, here is where we need a little help in the material to use, we plan on hiding a projector inside the teepee. We play movies on the projector quite often on a white sheet, so the idea is to string the front canopy of the camper with several white sheets and pause the movie on a scene from Neverland and let it be the back drop, or find some decent souround sound speakers and let the movie play.

Now the real fun part. We want a deck, the front of the camper (from end of canopy to end) is about 19feet. The deck would have to be somewhat portable. We also plan on placing down a 10 X20 ft blue tarp, and stringing blue LED lights on top of it, along with alternating blinking rows of white LEDs to look like water for the Crocodile (if anyone has an idea on how to light up an inflatable croc I would be greatly appreciative! haha) And for the front of the "boat" we thought about maybe plywood on either side of the camper and make a "V" for the stern, and then use 2X4's or 1X8s horizontally to look like a ship. And then cutting out holes for our cannons.

The cannons dont need to be too ecentric, most of them will be hidden behind the wood. We would like to hook them up to a fog machine and have them light up in some manner. Or have "fake fire" I have heard you can do this with a fan, lights and silk. But I'm not sure if it would work in this smaller space. It would be great though!

Sorry for all of the material! =(( ANY and all advice is greatly greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!
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