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Help with a costume idea

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Hi everyone. I want to put together a costume as a headless guy, but I don't want to do the usual where it looks like I am holding my head on my chest (using real head). I want it something like the pics here. My question is about the neck and shoulders. How do I do the effect of cutoff head and still have my shoulders in perspective. I hope I explained that so you all understand what I mean.

Thanks everyone

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Try one of those suit hangers... They are usually made out of plastic.

Product Clothes hanger Bicycle part

Scale model

Just remove the hook, and make it like a tiara or something. ;)

You just wear it at the rim of your head with your face tucked into your shirt (maybe cut eye holes and cover with mesh fabric so you can see).
Voila! Since the Hanger sticks from both sides of your head, it should make the suit stay up like your picture.

Let me know if it works!
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