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Help With a Cane

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Needing to Help Decorate a Cane for Halloween This Year, But i am Just at A Loss as what to Decorate it as, My Yard is going to be a Haunted Voodoo Cemetery Scene, but this is for Someone else, any Help is Appreciated
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Hi! How about a skull head on the top, with small hanging bones or feathers dangling down from it? Or wind some twine along the whole cane and string the twine with plastic skeleton-head beads? Or buy small plastic pumpkin pails and drill holes along the bottom, then thread the pumpkins onto the cane. Or tie on some fall leaves. Or buy a bunch of googly eyes from the Dollar Store and glue them all over the cane. :D
I'd definitely go for a half-skull on top and tie some vines going all around the rest of the cane. A little moss around the base of the skull would look really awesome too!
I require a cane when I am mobile. I did not think about decorating it so thx! And thankyou :p another project. :)

Do share what you end up doing as I would be interested in seeing final product.
I am planning on making a staff with a glowing orb at the top wrapped with branches (a but like Gandalfs in the mines of moria scenes, but with an orb not a crystal). I am going to get a clear bouncy ball and have it rest on a torch which will shine into it to make it glow. Something like that could be cool.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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