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Help Wanted - Re-Creating an Old Prop Monster Barrel

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Years ago I made a prop, that for whatever reason I now have no pictures of (My photo hard drive did crash earlier this year). I've got most of my photos back - Yay!

Anyway.... when we had our Halloween parties/haunts we went with a different method each year to distinguish who was a guest and who wasn't. One year it was a printed ticket for everyone, another year is was a rather elaborate clip on I.D. badge. We had ticket stubs for a best costume prize - this particular year it was a coffin with a bottle of Vampire wine and a couple of glasses in it. Drink Liqueur Distilled beverage Alcoholic beverage Bottle

In order to be eligible to win the prize you had to drop your ticket stub into this 55 gallon drum prop that I made. We found a mask with a flat head on top and attached it to the inside of the lid, so when you lifted the lid you saw a creepy flat-headed monster raising with the barrel lid. The lid was attached to a switch that, when lifted high enough would set off other components that were inside the barrel; a fog machine, a yellow warning strobe light and what I deemed to be the LOUDEST PA horn in the world!! It was SO loud I had to stuff t-shirts into the front of it to make it bearable to listen to! Lol

That prop no longer exists, but I would like to recreate it, but in a safer, low-voltage kind of way.... maybe even animate it to raise on it's own with the use of a prop controller like picaxe and add an MP3 player for better sound effects.

I'm awaiting delivery of 2 55 gallon metal barrels, and I know how I want to decorate them. But admittedly this is my first foray into animation and the use or prop controllers. I want all my props from here on out to be safer low-voltage and controlled by a prop controller running music/sound fx. Totally self-contained is what I'm shooting for! My design of the switch being activated by a cable attached to the lid was hokey at best, but it worked. I'm looking for the non-hokey route from here on out! I do have some skills with assembling electronics and soldering, having worked for Motorola in Schaumburg Illinois for a few years and as a repair tech and eventually QA Supervisor for VisionTek in Gurnee Illinois, but that's as far as my electrical knowledge goes.

I realize I'm asking a lot, but any help with this project would be greatly appreciated! After this prop I have another old prop we want to recreate as well..... it was a big hit with everyone. Especially people who did not like dogs! *Evil Laugh*
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