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HELP! Undead doll idea's

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I'm going to be a doll this year and I need new ideas. I did something similar to a doll last year but it wasnt anything special [as seen below]

There wasnt anything creepy, anything sadistic. Just looked like...a doll. So I wanna know who out there has ever done anything doll related, if you'd be helpful, give me some hint and tips on how to better act, talk, look, etc; I'd rather stick with basic non specific face make up as well as latex, I dont haev the money to buy props or anything =/ Anything will help and its MUCH appreciated =] Sorry bout the pics, they were just taken at home because lighting at a haunt outside at night just isnt very sufficient, haha. Also, no blood because for some reason my doll just wasnt bloody =/ I want BLOOD this year! I was also thinking about curling my hair to make it look more doll like and synthetic like the pic below. P.S. All pics are of me. Anyway, I've got ZERO idea for a costume or how to have my hair. Should I tease it or curl it? And with clothing, its usually very warm the first two weeks of october, but then the last two it gets cold. So i'm going to have to add to my wardobe but not throw it off, any ideas for that as well? Thanks in advance. Pics would be great! Sorry bout the photo size, I dont know how to use BBCode..I'm an html person >.>

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So everybody, thanks a lot, you've been a great help. I'm fairly good at doing make up and I have photoshop, so its easy to get simulated looks. Recreating them using acutal make up is the hard part haha. I appreciate the videos, they have inspired me, and I have a few ideas now actually. Here below is a Living Dead Doll. I love the 'no eyes' idea with the mask. I'm highly considering it. Making the mask should be fairly easy and although I dont have the contacts to make my eyes all black I DO have prostetic pieces that go over the eyes to make them look like they are not there.

Now we actually themed our haunt this year. It will be the first time that we have a high gore no children haunt. So there will be a lot of blood, severedness and no one under the age of 15-16. We'll also have an adult themed area, which is themed around bordello of blood. Also we may touch our patrons but with props only. We couldnt touch them at all the year before. Anyways, the theme is, theres a mad scientist and all the creatures you see in the haunt are his experiements gone wrong. All of them have stitechs and are made to look like they've been tampered with. All frankenstien looking and what not. I have to incoorporate this in with my doll look, so stitches and mutilated body parts is almost a must.
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