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there are some super creepy wigs out that add a ton to a doll costume. I used this one last year and everyone loved it!

Crazy Doll Adult Wig - Wigs
that is a beautiful wig, but I hate the price. :(

I'm watching this thread as I am going to be a creepy dolly this year for our party. I already got the dress, still looking around for hair and makeup ideas.

YouTube has several makeup artists that do different techniques for ventriloquist's dolls:
YouTube - Ventriloquist Doll Makeup for Halloween
YouTube - HALLOWEEN: Broken Dolly

Corpse Bride:
YouTube - Corpse Bride Makeup for Halloween

and the Joker scar effect:
YouTube - Heath Ledger Joker Makeup - How to do the Scarred Joker

Combining these techniques would be pretty great for a messed up dolly.

I found this wig that looks pretty decent for the price if you were going with a blond ringlet sort of hair: Godyssey Blonde Curls Wig - Costumes
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