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HELP! Undead doll idea's

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I'm going to be a doll this year and I need new ideas. I did something similar to a doll last year but it wasnt anything special [as seen below]

There wasnt anything creepy, anything sadistic. Just looked like...a doll. So I wanna know who out there has ever done anything doll related, if you'd be helpful, give me some hint and tips on how to better act, talk, look, etc; I'd rather stick with basic non specific face make up as well as latex, I dont haev the money to buy props or anything =/ Anything will help and its MUCH appreciated =] Sorry bout the pics, they were just taken at home because lighting at a haunt outside at night just isnt very sufficient, haha. Also, no blood because for some reason my doll just wasnt bloody =/ I want BLOOD this year! I was also thinking about curling my hair to make it look more doll like and synthetic like the pic below. P.S. All pics are of me. Anyway, I've got ZERO idea for a costume or how to have my hair. Should I tease it or curl it? And with clothing, its usually very warm the first two weeks of october, but then the last two it gets cold. So i'm going to have to add to my wardobe but not throw it off, any ideas for that as well? Thanks in advance. Pics would be great! Sorry bout the photo size, I dont know how to use BBCode..I'm an html person >.>

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Blood: I highly suggest Bloody Mary's blood. It dries and runs like real blood and adds some serious creep to whatever you do.

As far as porceline doll look, you can get some latex (and white, black, blue, and red latex paints if you want to spend the money). Paint your face in plain latex to get rid of the pores that show through makeup. Where you have porceline cracks you can have sharp edged tissue build up with latex (like a chunk missing from your face and cracks radiating out from it). It might take a bit longer but the 3-D texture will really bring your makeup to life.

I suggest the latex paints because not only do they have a sheen when they dry they can also be painted on the skin or tissue.

You have great features for this look...

If you wanted to have the ragdoll look...do your base makeup. Then get a piece of burlap cloth, dust it with a slightly darker makeup dark enough to see but not so that it is "oh LOOK makeup". Then use the burlap and gently use it like a texture stamp when sculpting. It will probably help if you keep the pieces texturing going in the same direction.

Have some thick threads hanging off where your stiching mught be unravelling, some stuffing coming out of latex and tissue build holes (not a lot, just enough to show you have been misused) and that should turn out pretty cool.

Good luck, can't wait to see what you do.
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