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Help - PWM DC Motor Speed Controller

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Hopefully someone knows the answer to this. So I've got a monster guts wiper motor - works great when hooked directly to the power supply. I bought and connected a PWM DC Motor Speed Controller - checked to make sure the polarity is correct - seems obvious that it is connected AFTER the power converter - so it's DC to DC. When I plug it in - nothing - the wiper motor doesn't run.
Any ideas? I can't figure out what I could be doing wrong.
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It might depend on your power supply. Some power supplies only work if there is an actual load on them. Since at startup, the PWM controller doesn't present much of a load, the power supply may not be generating anything. if you have a volt meter, measure the voltage going into the controller to see if you're actually getting anything.
The easy solution is to get a cheap 12 volt light bulb and wire it in parallel to the inputs on the PWM controller. That will tell you if it's a load problem. if that works, but you don't want the light, cover the bulb in black electrical tape, as long as it isn't too bright. The heat might cook the bulb.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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