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Help! Prop hands or arms

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hope someone Can point me in the right direction, I’m still in the beginning of building props (not as great as most of you seem to be) but I have made a few including a Michael Myers prop.
Now he looks pretty good but the one thing that needs the most help on him (cause I used gloves) are his hands. I could really use a good set of prop hands or even arms for him something that will look real maybe even hold a fake knife. But I am striking out on finding some. The one set I did find look good as far as hands go, but they are WAY too small! Were talking about Mikey Myers here! Not some little sissy boy (stands about 6’5) any help would most be appreciated. (He’s made out of 2” PVC by the way)
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Here's something I did that could easily be tweaked to make hands with flesh:

For the skeletal hands: Trace out your hand on a piece of paper. Then Google a picture of a skeleton hand and draw out the structure of the bones onto your drawing. Shrink down the image to match her size. Then place wire to the lengths of the five fingers. Tape to hold in place. Wrap a pipe cleaner around each finger so the Model Magic will have something to grab onto. Using your hand as a model bend into your desired shape. In the picture, this is the hand she will be resting her head on.

Grab a finger-sized piece of Model Magic and smash onto a finger and squish down and shape to resemble bone. Do that for the whole hand. Let dry overnight. Stick into some leftover foam and coat with Drylok. Let dry and do another coat.

Attach her hand with wire to the inside of her sleeve or arm (whatever works).
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