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Help! Please! with part, Animated Haunted Tree Halloween Prop

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Hello, I am new to the Forum and my hardly 2 animatronics : O the problem, is to buy my: Animated Haunted Tree Halloween Prop, on ebay, and to mount it I see that part C do you have only 3 Springs, lack a part 1? or they are only 3? Confuso: Please help, I don't want to disturb the seller for not knowing this.If anyone has this animatronics, I would appreciate it very much your help! I put photos of the piece.

Thanks to all and greetings from Spain!


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Yep.......looks like a spring is missing. I'd contact the seller. If you were to purchase a spring locally, it might not be equal to the other three......may make the one corner too weak or too strong.

Best Regards,
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Thank you very much Steve! today I ask the seller
If the seller can't help, take one of the springs off and take it to a shop or hardware store that sells springs and they can probably find you a replacement that will work.
If you can't get the exact replacement, just get all new ones as close to the originals as you can and replace them all to prevent any unequal tension.
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Thank you very much !!!! Bruzilla!!! Good to know this information, the seller told me that ebay global shipping, opens up all parcels, and may have left on of the springs out!

He was kind and said that it sends another dock! I hope all good...Thank you for helping me! a greeting!
Thank you very much Nightfisher! insurance do that if the Pier that the seller sends me is not the same, will change all the same.By the way... fantastic things you do in your graveyard! impressive! I congratulate you! Greetings from Spain! :)
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