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Lady Human Flesh Long hair Art

A bit hard to explain.
I measured from the top of her head to the 'dress' area between her feet.
I took aluminum stock cut it to allow about 2" longer than what I measured.
I bent the bottom of the stock at about 2" to make a hook shape
The hook holds the bottom of dress (between her feet) this supports the weight.
Then I have glue )gorilla glue I think) on the inside of he aluminum stock to the foam back. There's some duck tape there too to give some extra strength.
A few holes were drilled to allow the prop to be hung by string or a nail in the wall.
In the picture you can see the aluminum stock, not too visible, but she's solidly attached now. This basically adds a metal armature to her flat side.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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