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Help needed with Scary Carrie

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Does anyone out there have the prop Scary Carrie? if so how do you hang yours on a wall? mine doesn't have a hole or hook. I'm not sure what the best way to hang her is...the entire reason I got her was to put her on a wall but I don't want to ruin her by doing so. Any suggestions? Sculpture Carving Art Museum
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If you notice in this photo, she's suspended by very thin string-- probably fishing wire, tied to her arm and leg? I would personally put a hook in her underside and hang her that way.
Yeah, I really wanted her to be held up by hooks or something similar ( something I haven't thought of, hoped maybe someone with her had ideas) I may have to do the string to avoid making a hole in her underside ( it is just flat foam/latex) I'm afraid the fishing line won't let her lay very flat but that may be the best way.

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A bit hard to explain.
I measured from the top of her head to the 'dress' area between her feet.
I took aluminum stock cut it to allow about 2" longer than what I measured.
I bent the bottom of the stock at about 2" to make a hook shape
The hook holds the bottom of dress (between her feet) this supports the weight.
Then I have glue )gorilla glue I think) on the inside of he aluminum stock to the foam back. There's some duck tape there too to give some extra strength.
A few holes were drilled to allow the prop to be hung by string or a nail in the wall.
In the picture you can see the aluminum stock, not too visible, but she's solidly attached now. This basically adds a metal armature to her flat side.

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I've got the original, non-foam filled latex, hard outer-shell version....she is VERY heavy.... What I did was trace her shape on a 1/4" thick piece of plywood, cut that shape out with a jigsaw and used liquid nails to affix her to the board. Then I hung the board on a wall....but, then I had an idea to actually animate her, so I build a pneumatic rig to make her slide up/down a wall or across the floor....
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