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Help needed for charity haunted hayride

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II am in need of your help! I have been asked by a local farm to create a haunted hayride for charity. I need everyone's help to brainstorm as many ideas as possible so that I can help these nice folks make a little money for local charities and civic groups.

This all started last week when I was approached by a friend of mine that knew about my enthusiasm for the holiday, and he asked if I would help him plan this hayride for a local farm. For the last few years, these folks have had an autumn festival at their farm complete with corn mazes, rides for the kiddies, and a really nice 30 minute hayride around their farm (click HERE to see their website). They have always wanted to haunt their hayride in the evenings, but have never had the time to organize an attraction. And so, my friend and I have volunteered to organize the haunt.

The idea is that we will take the existing hayride and haunt it using volunteers from local organizations, such as the Jaycees, 4-H groups, local high school clubs, the volunteer fire department, Boy Scout troops, etc, etc. Whichever groups show up with volunteers will get to spit the ticket sales for that night.

And so, I need any and all ideas that you guys have. I know this group is always willing to help out, and I know that you guys have seen a good haunt or two. I don't have any real theme decided on yet; all I know is that I've got lots of space, and a really great farm family that is eager to put on a great show and to help their community.
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