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HELP! Need quick WOW ideas!

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The fact that my decorations from last year were partially damaged (fence broke - needs rebuilt, the columns were damaged in storage, hang man needs help) coupled with the fact that work has me so swamped that I don't want to do anything but sleep, leaves me no time to pull off new builds (and repairs).

I don't want to just skip out on Halloween, but I don't want to throw something together that disappoints. Any ideas on a quick and big WOW props.

I was thinking something with our projector? That got the kids last time and they didn't notice our new cemetery sign or garage crypt.
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Sounds like you should look for things that create atmosphere without needing a big build. So lighting, fog machine, some kind of spooky sound track, and the projector with a cool animation could make a fun effect without big props. Then some ghosts in the trees and a few jack-o-lanterns (plastic or foam pumpkins - carve them early and use battery lights in them so you don't have to make a bunch last minute) and you'll have a memorable yard.

Also look at all the various color changing or swirling lights, there are more available this year. They cover a big area and look great! Maybe put some jack-o-lanterns in a group with a swirling light on the wall behind them. Add a boom box playing spooky sounds. You get the idea.
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