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Help! Need motion sensor to turn something off instead of on

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I am trying how to figure out how to make lights plugged into a motion sensor go off when someone walks in a room then a few seconds later turn back on with the timer. Motion sensors do just the opposite...they turn things on and not off. The plan is to scare people in a room with unexpected pitch blackness for a few seconds. The lights must always be on at first. Does anyone know if this is a matter of re-wiring the sensor or if it is even possible? I've looked through the threads but can't find anything. I'm sure someone has tried to do this before.
Thank you for any help you can offer.
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You can use a relay with the sensor. Just wire the lights to the Common and Normally Closed terminals of the relay. When the sensor fires the lights will go out for whatever the timer is set for. What kind of light/sensor are you using?
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