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I am STUCK on the entry for this sucker. Floor plan is below for a hospital themed haunted house. The "house" is a huge old metal barn structure. We built out the interior walls so they're changeable. Except for the morgue room, that can't be changed.

How it flows:
Folks enter through the right. Small room, about 10' wide by 6' deep. I don't know what to do with this space yet. I COULD knock down that small wall if needed but prefer not to (reasoning below). This is the space I need help with (? on the drawing).
Next room is the waiting room. Have a transforming nurse at the reception (young to old and bloody), flailing arm with a body squirting blood, and a parasite team. Reception desk and chairs, looks like a real room. I kind of want this room to not be the FIRST room people enter, to build up the excitement. Hence the smaller first room.
Folks then move on to the incinerator/medical waste room (fire screen with fake flames and a drop-down demon, metal wall panel moves for a leatherface-like character with a chainsaw comes out from behind and grabs one of the tour group kids (actually our actor), drags him back screaming to the bloody room and slams the door.
Patient room with corpse in a live bug box.
Operating room (OR) with a pop up demon coming out of the body on the table shooting blood, dead doctors on the ground, tons of blood bags hanging.
Thread hall - pitch black with black threads hanging down as ticklers.
Lab - one side, hanging dripping corpses, other side has a living heart on a table and shelves with disgusting things (human heads) in jars.
Morgue - final room, walls built out with drawers (we're planning multiple TCTs in succession so the drawer doors start to rattle like crazy), dragging bloody half-skeletons, and ends with the chainsaw guy coming through the door to chase people out.

So I need to start with something small and devious to set the mood. Not much room for props, but maybe decor would be enough? Thoughts?

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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