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I built a Ground breaker zombie with a Shiatsu massager and I have been controlling it with a remote outlet for the last couple of years.
I would like to use the PIR from the HF driveway alarm to trigger the outlet. They are both using 433 Mhz (i think), but the remote outlet is marked Channel H and the driveway alerts I have are channels 16 and 13.not sure if there is a correlation or not between the numbers and alhpa designations.
I'm not sure if I need to use an O scope and tune the receiver board or if un-soldering the board from the alarm buzzer unit and soldering it onto the outlet board would work. One is a 4 pin and the other has 3 pins.

I found a wireless PIR controlled outlet on Amazon and ordered it BUT upon further reading that one stays on for 10 minutes. Way too long for a prop controller.
Any help?
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