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Hello Hallowe'en people!

Finally I figured out how to make me an account! (Yeah I'm not to handy with that sort of thing).

I've head a lot of help last year from only reading other people's posts and deiceded to create my own account here.

Mostly because I've got this HUGE thing coming up, where I would need all your help and support: I'm about to open my own bar!

Just in time for Hallowe'en on a saturday (this will be my 12th offcial, 13th unofficial)...!

EEKS! So I hope it will work out alright, because I used to be the only one in this country (with exceptioon of an Irish pub or two, but they don't count ;) ) to throw a Hallowe'en party...but now people finally found out about it and I MUST stay one step ahead!

So, you will already have discovered that I am a bit tense...I was planning on writing something normal and nice, but I just can't help it..:eek:

Anyway, I'm very happy to be here and hope you might be happy to have me here too..

Nikita Storm

Ow, if you're interested; this is the url of my bar's website (I must warn you, it contains explicit words) , ow I don't seem to have the rights to put it up yet, but feel free to ask me! Hahaha.

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Greetings from England!
Nice to see more European members joining..at least it might keep Meeps off our backs for a while.;):D

Welcome to the forum, and best of luck with your venture.

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