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Ok I know it is early, but.... If I start thinking in November of what next year will look like, it will be so much easier to buy, and set up in Sept-October.
I will give you a run down of this year I don't like double up on themes two years in a row,
Room 1- swamp which winded around into woods which eventually led to Camp Crystal Lake.
This is a good theme we may do a variation of it.
Room 2- Pirates Den and expanded version of last years small quaint pirates room, but two years. Have to find a use for that rusty old foot locker.
Room 3- Chop SHop very effective. Liked it a lot. SO did one of my actors.
Room 4- Mine shaft. Failed because our demented miner with a chainsaw failed to show up.
Room 5- not realy a room really, more of an area. Hauned playground. Mixed with childeren of the corn, One of the best scenes the kids really creeped ppl out. Like to do a variation of this room again. Without duplicating what we did this year.
Room 6 Wild west. Good scene, may change this to a farm scene.
Room 7 The clown room, remember what I said no more than two years in rom, does not apply here.
Ideas for next year 2009.
boiler room "Nightmare on Elm Street"
woods have to do woods to replace the area mine shaft.
mausealiam - (my spelling sucks) this would include, all vampires, never done this scene before.
Labatory- mad scientist with Frankenstein.
Thats what I have to start with.
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