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I am hoping to make a jack in the box but have an actor inside pop out rather than an animatronic. Any ideas?? I search online but found nothing with or for an actor to pop out.

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I've seen a large box where it's at least 4 feet tall so no one can easily look inside it, and have the actor standing on a small personal trampoline (like what used to be used for fitness/workout stuff).

Like this one:

Ah - found it!

Rania (used to be an active member here) has some great images from her Night Circus event designs:

Look for the "Jack's Box" information just about a third down the page.
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A simple approach would be to make a box with no bottom, for more air flow, and a top that is well hinged and has an internal handle. The lid would have a chain to stop it from falling all the way backward, so that when resetting the box, it's easier for the actor to grab the handle and close the lid. The actor throws open the box lid using the handle and then bounces around a bit doing whatever creep-show act seems right for your haunt. While the trampoline is very nice, it might be easier on the actor to have a chair inside so that the actor isn't squatting down the whole night.

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Here鈥檚 something I saved to my 鈥淧roject Folder鈥 maybe I鈥檒l get around to building something similar next year. Not my pictures can鈥檛 take credit.



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