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Okay, I know this may sound a little creepy, but I would like to make an album prop using old victorian post-mortem photos. Any ideas or links?:D


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Do a google search for "Victorian Death Photography" and it will come back with tons of images. Pick your faves, and print them out. I'd use pinking shears or something similar and leave about a quarter inch of white around the photos.

Get a nice plain album that has black pages inside (every old album I've seen has black so as to show the mostly white edged photos to better advantage). FIND PHOTO CORNERS. (black is classic, but silver or gold might be cool)
3L Adhesive Paper Photo Corners: Classic Style Black - 1686 - RitzCamera.com

For the outsides, do a search on here for things like "book" to see what others have done, or try this:
DAVE LOWE DESIGN the blog: '08 Halloween #12: Making Creepy Books

and come up with a creepy image like a skull or something... :)
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