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Hey so I just joined this and was wondering if anyone could give me feedback/suggestions for improvements on my video game. This idea might be done before but it's just an idea because I'm making a video game cover for my college project and I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good covers that incorporate the characters/plot into it?

Basically I came up with the idea that this game would be a Sandbox game (kinda like GTA) except you play as different horror characters, my main ones I've chosen are Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Samara Morgan, Leatherface, Ghostface etc. The idea is that the player has a timer from exactly midnight until 6am to kill as many victims in the open-world as they can without being caught. The more points they gain from this, the more characters they can unlock as well as worlds, weapons and costumes for a player to customize their own character. As for the worlds, I mean that if they have completed an open world level/city, whatever character they play as means the final boss battle they would have to go into the movie world to try and kill whoever is trying to stop them. I don't know if that makes sense but for example, if a player was playing as Samara Morgan(girl from The Ring) they would face the boss battle which would be in a sense Naomi Watts in video game world and you would have to race to the top of the well before Naomi's character closes it so you have to do everything you can to try and stop her.

Anyway thats just a small idea of what I have so far so I would mostly appreciate opinions on the gameplay, narrative and plot of the game and I am more than open to any suggestions to creating a video game cover for this. One of my ideas was that the video game cover could consist of three recognisable characters such as Jason, Ghostface and Freddy, except the shot could be shown from the three characters shoulders and down to show their outfits and they will be holding their weapon and their mask so for example, the shot of Ghostface could be one hand holding a knife and the other the scream mask AND the tagline underneath could say "One Mission. 6 hours to kill. Who will you play as?"

Thanks very much :)
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