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Help! Help! Help! Ineed Help

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I don"t know if i am jst trying to hard this year, or if i am being too much of a perfectionist, or if i am just making simple mistakes, but my corpsed buckies are dry to the touch. they have been drying in the garage for a month or more. If i rub my fingers on the dry stain it rubs off. If i rub a little harder the liquid latex rubs off. Why is this stuff coming off so easily?

Right now i am experimenting on 2 of the bucky skeletons that i have finished. I just applied some Polycrylic polyurthane to them and i am letting them dry for 2 hours and then i am going to reapply another coat. If that doesn't do the trick then what will? I am getting down to the wire here and i am starting to get a bit nervous.

What can i do to fix the problem?
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Stop rubbing him. Your Bucky, his latex and his stain were never designed to be used together. His features will become more permanent over time, but you may always be able to rub off parts of the latex and stain.:D
Here's the thing though. I am selling some and i don't want them to be falling apart after a year of use. Isn't there anyway i can seal them so that they don't fall apart?
What kind of latex and stain did you use?
I used Slush latex by Screamline studios and i used minwax wood stain.
polycrylic polyurthane was a good idea to a degree. It took care of the rubbing off problem but now if i try to bend any of my skeletons arms the stain cracks and flakes off of the latex. so now i am at a loss. What can i use that is flexible but can cover my stain? What about using a thin coat of silicone (sink and bath caulk)?

I am going insane here.

No one else has any ideas? Am i the only one experiencing this?
Hmmm. I've never had a problem at all with my corpsed bluckys. I actually used cheap bagged webbing dripped in house laytex, then after that dried a little liquid laytex for highlighted shiny parts then mahogany wood stain. Nothing's coming off that!
Yeah but mine are already done so what do i do now? I can't start over.
Did you let the latex dry completely before you started applying stain? I mean completely not just dry enough.
Toe tag the latex was completley dry i even waited a few extra days before applying the stain.

Terra, i will have to try that. Its either going to be that or the silicone kitchen and bath stuff.
Terra, it says that varnish is for indoor use only.
has anyone ever tried the silicone caulking idea i had? will it work?
Sounds like a chemical reaction to me, next time use the stain first and them the latex. Now what you may want to try is a spray on polyurethane. Something that will dry in 30 min. this way if it works you can get in multiple coats in one day. The coats will be very thin and should not flake off. Good luck!

Ps. the poly will make the corpse look wet.

Using water-based products is requried. Oil-based products will not be absorbed into plastic and will just sit on the surface, oily for quite long time (years).
Before you introduce yet another chemical I would try a thin layer of makeup grade latex on top of the stained latex. I've been experimenting with Deviant brand latex, and the thinest of layers creates a sealed glossy look to all sorts of materials. GE Silicone II XST can be used with latex products, but common sense tells me you won't be able to get a layer thin enough to look good and seal the stained latex. Also, spray-on polyurethane yellows and darkens when exposed to sunlight, so keep it in mind if you go that route.
I bought some window and door silicone caulk last night and i am going to try applying it to the finger of one of my buckies. i am going to try and wipe it on thin enough so that it just coats the skeleton. I am not going to leave it thick. When it dries hopefully i will be able to bend the finger without any visible damage to the stain.
Well knock on wood but so far so good. I rubbed a very thin layer of silicone I 100% silicone rubber door and bath faulk to my buckys. I rubbed it in every spot my fingers could reach. They are almost dry now and nothing is being rubbed off. Best part is that they are still flexible. I hope it works out because if not I am totally lost.
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