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Help hanging blacklights!

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I have 2 48 inch blacklights that I would like to mount or hang under my porch. The problem is the only thing I can attach them to is vinyl siding. Does anyone have any advice or knowledge in attaching these? The blacklights are heavy and I'd HATE to have a lawsuit or an injured TOT, due to it falling.
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Are you talking about hanging the lights overhead on the porch? If so, there are nailers between your porch ceiling rafters and the soffett. If you locate the nailers, you can attach the lights to them. You can normally do so by feeling along the ceiling to find the most solid spot. You can also use a stud finder, but I don't trust them much. If you are talking about attaching the lights to the siding, there has to be a solid wall to nail the siding to. Again, feel along the wall or use a stud finder to locate an area to nail or screw to.
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