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Help hanging blacklights!

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I have 2 48 inch blacklights that I would like to mount or hang under my porch. The problem is the only thing I can attach them to is vinyl siding. Does anyone have any advice or knowledge in attaching these? The blacklights are heavy and I'd HATE to have a lawsuit or an injured TOT, due to it falling.
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I would do a few things, first, I would gut as mcuh as possible from the fixture and mount the lights in 5" vinyl gutter, to hide the bulbs, provide more protection, and add directionality.

I would use industrial velcro to attach that assembly to whatever surface you want.
Then they can be moved/removed easily.

I use waterproof aquarium endcaps for my T12 or T8 lamps, this way I do not rely on shoddy tombstones. and you can mount them to the gutter easily.

My old supplier says they are still available in the T12 (the fat fluorescent bulbs) so we will start carrying them
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