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Hi All!
I know that this is the place to ask this question.
I just acquired a 6 ftGemmy "Jeeves the Butler", like new condition (without wallwart) for $30. Can't beat that deal!

Similar to this one...


No Box and no instructions.
How do I tear this think down for storage? I have a coupla other gemmy lifesizes and the teardown is obvious.
This thing apparently has a foot button to depress and then you press his torso down towards the feet?
How far down does it go and should it lock into place when it gets there?
Mine (without forcing it) kinda just springs down and then right back up again- almost into its original position.
Anyone have any guidance for me?

Thank You!
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If it pushes down, then it's probably similar to the Donna of the Dead... you have to push it down until it locks into place and looks like a tiny legless torso (fun!). To unlock, you push down on it too (some sort of a simple pressure latch to lock/unlock). On Donna, you have to push rather firmly... but unless someone confirms that Jeeves works the same, I wouldn't push down TOO hard.

Since I don't have that specific prop, hopefully someone will chime in and confirm.

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Thanks Frankie's Girl!
That certainly is how it appears however, it seems that I am exerting quit a bit of force when pushing it down and yet it isn't "latching" into place.
I'm hoping someone else can confirm before I push harder!

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Replacement parts. Does anyone know where I can find replacement parts for this item?

I don't see a picture of the prop your asking about finding replacement parts to fix. But, I can tell you I have tried numerous times to get replacement parts for Gemmy props from the manufacturer. I e-mailed them many times trying to get different parts. I have NEVER received a reply from "Gemmy". Not one returned email ever. I have also searched high and low for replacement parts. Unfortunately, I have not had any success. Hopefully you will have better luck. I have found that the only way to get replacement parts is to find a cheap used version of the prop and use it for parts. But, even that isn't the easiest thing to do. Good luck.
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