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Hey all! This is Lee's fiance lol....

We are (or I should say I am) starting on our tombstones (and I am hoping they come out as a smashing success, thanks to Terra's fab how to's). Anywho..we just got back from our local "Trees and trends" where I came upon this great dog statue. It looks to me to almost already have a brassy/oxidized finish on it, and we got it for 15 bucks, since it was damaged. Woo hoo! lol...

I was thinking of some kind of short poem to go on the tombstone about an owner and their dog...let me know what you think. I will post what I have so far, and a pic of the dog so maybe you can all shoot some ideas to me. I am very open to suggestions on this topic...and im super excited!! So here goes:

When I died, I left behind a loving little dog
He searched for me for days then years
wandering through the fog
He finally found his resting place,
and its clear to see
He chose to spend his final days
here on my tomb, with me

There is my little dog lol. Let us know what you think, and I would really appreciate any feedback!!

Thanks a bunch!
Niki & Lee:D
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