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Help finding Countdown Clock

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I want a Countdown clock displayed in my yard for October 1st through 30th because I don't usually decorate until the day of...many neighbors have thought I might not display each year so by having a clock, I figured it would send the signal to the neighborhood.

With that said, I can't find any such product or even some clock I can frame into a Halloween coundown clock with some woodwork and painting.

Does anyone have any leads on a Halloween countdown clock for yard display (Weather resistant) or something I can build into one that's digital.

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I've been looking for the same thing but I have come to the conclusion that it has to be built. Hence why I do not have one.
If you can't find a digital sign, maybe make your own creepy halloween sign and set it up so you can replace the numbers each day manually the way the do on gas stations sign . Just go out each night before bed and change the number of days.
I have a great digital sign that I have modified through the years. I am going to ebay it in a few days. I will post the link. It is the one on a pumpkin. Just google Halloween countdown clock for a photo.
i got one i will sell....pm me phone number i will text you pictures,,im in maryland
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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