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I have a control box with 50 lines coming out of it. I want
to add an extension section (for cold swapping only – no
hot swaps, so no arcing) to all of the control lines, en
masse. There are 110VAC, DMX, 12VDC, audio line out,
and other signals and levels.

I'd like to have a circular connectors on the ends of each
section, similar to a milspec connectors, but I don't need
the bulk, the heavy duty rating, nor the cost. It's fine if
it's plastic. I'm not building a tank, just a prop. I am sold
on the circular cross-section form factor of the connector
I'll eventually use, though.

One problem I typically experience on the plastic,
(rectangular) automotive connectors is great difficulty in
separating the shells. I need the connection and
disconnection to be relatively friction-free, but firm and
reliable at the points of contact. Some force is okay. I
just don't want to have to be a Hulk to get them

Who manufactures a locking, plastic, circular cross-
section connector that can handle cold swapping of all of
the power and signals listed above? If I have to leave the
DMX signal out of the equation for interference prevention,
I can do that. I still want to have (cold swap) connects
and disconnects for the AC, DC, audio, etc. in a shell
that will lock nicely and speed up my set up and tear


Dr. Doug

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Try Mouser They have a lot of different electronic supplies. You can also do a search of "cannon plugs " and you can find all sorts of solutions.

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Could you post an example of you set of signals you want shared in a typical connector?

The first thing I do when I'm looking for connectors is pull out a mouser or digi-key catalog and see if there is something I can use that they stock.

The other question to ask is are you comfortably building you own cables or wold you prefer buying cables off the shelf.

-- Bill
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