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Help finding a specific item: baby Jason mask

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Let me know if there's a more appropriate section of the forum for this...

Last year Spirit Halloween was selling a tiny Jason mask about the size for an infant. It looked very similar to the adult ones, but it was just really small and cute. It's very round, rather than an oval shape like most adult ones, and I'm pretty sure it's made of a soft foam-like material.

Even though we have no children, and don't even want any, my husband loves this baby Jason mask and wants to get one for whatever reason. We didn't see it at Spirit when we went there (our store finally opened on Saturday) and it's not on eBay or Amazon that we can find.

It looked pretty much like the one at the link below; however that one clearly says on the attached cardboard that it's an adult size. The one I'm looking for is much too small for any adult. Any ideas where to find one?

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