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I'm looking for suggestions/help/feedback on my 2016 theme - I'm calling it "Ghoul School" for now. Just for perspective, my yard has 2 sections (sidewalk in the middle), that are each 13'x11'. This is what I have so far:

Section 1 - Classroom
-Witch teacher with blackboard
-Variety of students (witch, ghost, pumpkin head, monster) sitting in desks
-An empty desk - the purpose of the empty desk would be to encourage interaction with the display by sitting at the desk

Section 2 - Graveyard Playground
-Spooky House....even though it's not a playground thing, I'm dying to do this project with an old plastic playhouse - ghosts looking into the playhouse, and some creepy dolls sitting in chairs on the inside
-Teeter Totter (if I can find one)
-Assorted headstones to fill in empty spaces

-I don't live in the greatest neighborhood, and it's a busy street (cars and pedestrians on the sidewalk). While we didn't have any problems last year, I need to be able to anchor all these elements down in case. And last year's display was made of rebar, plastic drop cloths, trash bags, packing tape, witch hats, and old xmas lights, so nothing anyone would really want to steal.

-Making the students. I was thinking pvc bodies, dressed with some Goodwill costumes or old clothes. Not sure how to do the faces - last year we didn't have faces - the ghosts and witches were made of trash bags and drop cloths & didn't have faces.

-Lighting. Any suggestions on how to use light to highlight different areas?

-Desks. I'm counting on being able to find 5-6 old school desks. If I can't, that leaves making them from wood. Should I try to get premade or make myself??

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This sounds brilliant. Lots of room to play.

Aside from security, I don't think anything is going to slow you down. For faces it'll depend on the character, but you could likely do them all headless and people would still mentally fill them in (creepy as heck though.). You could probably use masks, or make stuff from wig heads, plaster bandages, great stuff, foam skulls or chicken wire for the ghost if you wanted to try the translucent thing. You might even want to just check out a goodwill or flea markets and think "would that make a good head?" and see if that leads to any possibilities.

There's a few threads on here for making animated teeter totters if you want to go that far. I think a board balanced on any kind of fulcrum type box would read as a teeter totter if you had someone on each end. It wouldn't needs to be super detailed or accurate.

I don't think I've ever seen this before - but it's one of those great ideas that seem super obvious once you hear about it. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
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