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HELP ! Dogs destroy outside decorations

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Last year I didn't decorate at all due to the fact that we live where there are from 5 to 10 dogs that tear everything up.All year I have junk in my yard from them tearing up other neighbors yards. What I would like to know is if anyone has ideas for props that the dogs can not get to or are unable to tear them up.
I have 3 inside dogs and 2 outside dogs and they were taught not to tear things up .I can leave them alone and come home to the house just as I left it .Same if I leave them outside.I love Halloween and really hate it when I cant decorate outside
any Ideas ?
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thanks for the fast reply Garthgoyle ..we live in the country even though it has grown populated they have no animal control .I have called the police and they said nothing could be done unless I catch the animals and have proof then I could file a charge , we will be fencing in a large portion oh our land( we have almost 8 acres with 3 in blueberries) but we have to save up a bit .I love animals but I love the owners less :rolleyes:
JLWII2000 I never thought of that ,it is defiantly wort a try thanks :D
lol I have a shotgun I use bird shot, I have had to actually aim at one dog that was so aggressive he was stopping me from tending another dog that had been shot in the inner leg with a 22 as well as she had just come from the vet getting fixed . he would get low an start charging me ,she was in a pen so he couldn't get to her. Thankfully he ran when he saw that yep she would shoot me, other than him i have NEVER shot at a dog only the ground and those were the ones that refused to run off after getting in my trash can.
Ghost of Spookie yes i lived in country all my life an we have a 3 legged deer that bunks in the berries dogs don't seem to bother her mostly rabbits ,we also have 2 hawks nesting here to so wild life i would say is controlled to a certain extent. I do decorate inside i do it little by little so my dogs see me do it an don't freak out at the black lights and skulls.Last year we had gotten my biggest dog Lucy ,she had lived with an alcoholic and was very skittish,she still passes at rain and wants to see it for herself and must check everybody and every room out, She has turned into a great protective dog but listens to us about what person or thing is ok. So I will be doing the little at a time decorating again this year for her ,
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