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HELP ! Dogs destroy outside decorations

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Last year I didn't decorate at all due to the fact that we live where there are from 5 to 10 dogs that tear everything up.All year I have junk in my yard from them tearing up other neighbors yards. What I would like to know is if anyone has ideas for props that the dogs can not get to or are unable to tear them up.
I have 3 inside dogs and 2 outside dogs and they were taught not to tear things up .I can leave them alone and come home to the house just as I left it .Same if I leave them outside.I love Halloween and really hate it when I cant decorate outside
any Ideas ?
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Halloweenfeend, if you have trees in your yard you can decorate them with hanging bats, spanish moss (creepy cloth), various lights. If they are close enough to each other you can run a flying ghost line between them. Most of this stuff can come in battery-operated form. If you lay out electrical cables will they try chewing thru those?

By all means you can still decorate your house, either inside with props looking out and colored lighting, lightning etc coming from the rooms. Windows can be boarded up (DIY foam boards or commercially bought ones from places like Spirit Halloween). Cobwebs and spiders placed on shutters, hung from eaves, gutters, etc. Sure you can get away with decorating your door. If you leave your vehicles outside, you can decorate them from the inside. Battery lighting inside can illuminate any skeletons or props you want to lock inside of them.

Sorry you have this problem. One shouldn't have to fence one's house in from neighborhood dogs, but in a lot of areas people have to contend with racoons, deer, etc so just other forms of wildlife with no bad irresponsible neighbors to fault. BTW crows at this time of year can pick at your stuff and be pretty damaging as well.

Before plunking down $50 or so on some ultrasound technology I would hope someone out there who has tried this can give you feedback. I also wonder if the wind would interfer with how the waves are dispersed. Sounds like you have a large piece of property to try to protect out in the open.
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