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Help! Chopping Brock delivered not working!

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I hope somebody can help me or guide me through what to do.
On 9/1 I ordered the "chopping brock" prop from trendyhalloween and it arrived around 5 days later. Yesterday I finally unboxed it to start to decorate for my haunt and the moving mechanism is not working. The lights, sounds and sensor work, however no movement. I have already checked the wire that is going from the control unit to the servo/motor that moves the arm and body side to side and all are intact. I also felt and listened to the motor and it seems no power is going to it. I would normally return the item but trendyhalloween will not allow a return since it's past their 14 day return period. I will get a picture when I get home tonight.
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I would try checking all the electrical connections, make sure something has not come loose. Unless you are trained, make sure the device is UNPLUGGED while doing this.

If you have any friends that work with electrical a and have a meter, you might be able to solve the problem.
I have no clue how thorough your investigation was, but is this main wire connected to the motor properly?
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